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Stéphane Mallarmé and Auguste Renoir in the apartment of 40 rue de villejust. 1895. Photo by Edgar Degas.
Degas made a series of photographs of his loved ones from 1895 to the turn of the century, which included the halévy, the niaudet, Mallarmé, Renoir, the cousins cousins of Julie Manet, that is, the circle that valéry was going to Soon integrate.
This Photograph, an exceptional loan from the doucet library, was taken at 40 rue de villejust in Paris, in the apartment julie manet continued to live after the death of her mother berthe morisot. There is renoir (sitting) and Mallarmé (standing), in front of a mirror where degas reflects fantomatiquement behind the device. Ms. Mallarmé and her daughter geneviève are also reflected.
Paul Valéry received from degas this cliché that he regarded as the most beautiful portrait of mallarmé and he wrote, "jealously" preserved. 

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